If you love music and want to meet new people...
come out and join us.

The Goderich Laketown Band is looking for new members. All ages are welcome to join, both young and old. You do not need to be a Resident of Goderich. We have members from Dashwood to Lucknow to Kincardine and as far east as Seaforth. If you used to play an instrument in high school but haven't touched one in decades, adult lessons (for all instruments) are available. Even if you have no musical experience at all but would like to learn, we can accommodate you. Contact Ted McDowell at:


We meet Mondays at 7:30pm in the GDCI music room. Our members all have varying degrees of musical ability and experience - some of us are beginners and some have been playing for decades - and our practices are relaxed, non-judgmental, and fun.  Our members range in age from teenagers to octogenarians.  We play at a variety of events and concerts (both in and out of Goderich) throughout the year.


5 Great Reasons to Join our Band

#5 • Great hours!

 The Laketown Band meets for practices on Mondays at 7:30pm in the music room at GDCI. (And really, there’s no good TV on Monday nights anyway.) It’s a great social time, a time to meet people of a variety of ages, all of whom share a love of music. (And if you’ve seen American Pie, you know that band geeks are lots of fun.)

There’s chatter and laughter, and invariably someone who watches too much Saturday Night Live will make a joke about needing more cowbell. (If you don’t get that joke, just browse YouTube for a while until you figure it out.)

#4 • No experience necessary! 

(We want you even if the only Tempo you’ve ever had was a frumpy Ford sedan.)
We hold adult classes for all levels (see sidebar), from absolute beginners to those who just need a brush up. If you don’t have an instrument, we’ll rent one to you.

We’re always interested in new members.  (We’ve been dying to play 76 Trombones and we’re 71 trombones short.)

#3 • Get involved in your community!

By joining the Laketown Band you get front row seats to the Santa Claus parade (except you never actually get to see Santa) and it’s tons of fun riding on the back of a semi going 4 miles an hour. The Laketown Band plays at a variety of parades and services around Huron County – Decoration Sunday, Remembrance Day, several Christmas concerts, and a selection of performances in between. They also sponsor the Summer Concert Series in Harbour Park on Sunday evenings. 

The band, literally, is a part of history. It has been an integral part of the community since 1967, and its forerunners go back all the way to the 1920s.   

#2 • It’s great for your health!

Improve your lung capacity and core strength without shin splints, uncomfortable spandex, or creepy gym guys checking you out. It’s a fact that playing a musical instrument improves both your physical and mental well-being, and unlike other sports it is something you can do well into old age.

#1 • Fulfill your love of performing!  

Maybe you can’t sing. Maybe bagpipes aren’t for you. Maybe you can’t act to save your life. Well, you might not be aware that Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, and Snoop Dogg all got their starts in concert bands. Actually, that might not be true, but if you’ve ever wanted to get up on a stage and were too intimidated or nervous, a concert band is perfect for you. You can take comfort in being a member of a group.  (You can even screw up and no one in the audience will know it was you.)

And, if Justin Beiber ever played Goderich, we’d likely be the opening act.

(We’d totally win a fight against the Full Nelsons because there are only four of them.)

Adult Music Classes

For several years now the Laketown Band has been sponsoring intermediate adult music classes led by Hugh McGregor and other music teachers (or former music teachers) in our band.

The theme is "It's Never Too Late!" to relearn a musical instrument. We offer private or small group glasses in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion.

If you are interested or have more questions, feel free to contact

We’re a community band celebrating over 50 years in the Goderich community. Check out the rest of the site for a little history, some photos and information on how to join us.